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COP 15

A blow-by-blow account of the climate change negotiations at Copenhagen December 7-18, 2009 for d-sector.

Climate accord betrays the vulnerable
20 Dec 2009

The climate deal hastily put together by the BASIC countries and the USA gives license to the rich countries to continue polluting the planet, thereby rewarding them instead of imposing penalty for their climate crimes.

COP15 turns into a climate con
Copenhagen | 17 Dec 2009

With rich countries refusing to accept emission reduction targets, the chances of a meaningful climate deal at Copenhagen are now almost over.

Jairam gets hot and cold at Copenhagen
Copenhagen | 16 Dec 2009

Frequent change of stance and partners has not helped India’s cause in the ongoing Copenhagen conference.

Nations divided, citizens united
Copenhagen | 13 Dec 2009

While negotiators fail to reach consensus on a binding climate agreement; citizens from the entire world took part in a peaceful protest march in Copenhagen bringing the city to a standstill.

New drafts appear, but differences persist
Copenhagen | 12 Dec 2009

Fearing failure of Copenhagen conference due to widening rift between developed and developing countries, two new drafts are issued for negotiations to bridge the divisions.

India loses credibility at Copenhagen
Copenhagen | 11 Dec 2009

With news doing the rounds that the Danish Text was drafted after consultation with India, the emerging power is left with a lot of bad reputation in the ongoing climate negotiations.

Talk mathematics, not morality: US
Copenhagen | 10 Dec 2009

US and other industrialised nations get ready to derail the Copenhagen conference if developing world fails to toe their line.

G77’s unity cracks at Copenhagen
Copenhagen | 08 Dec 2009

Major developing nations dilute their demand on emission cut commitments of industrialised countries, leaving poor and island nations high and dry at Copenhagen conference.

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