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Down to Earth, June 16-30, 2009


Bhaskar Goswami

India and the European Union are negotiating a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) which has serious implications on agriculture and dairy sectors. 90 million dairy farmers will face stiff competition from dairy farms in EU who receive generous subsidies to stay in business. This pact with EU will also weaken India’s stance at WTO.


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The dairy sector in India employs millions across the countryside with women as the ones primarily engaged in this sector. The network of cooperative dairies across the country engaging not only farmers but also agriculture workers, landless, dalits, and some of the most marginalized communities are responsible for turning India into the largest producer of milk in the world. However, a series of reforms are subverting the dairy sector and the viability of cooperatives in the new economic order looks grim. More on this can be accessed here on the WTO website.

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